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Window 10 CompatibleThe Free MP4 to MKV Converter tool is a quick and handy utility program that is specifically designed to convert MP4 files into MKV format. This video converter tool performs its task without any flaws quickly and effortlessly. The Free MP4 to MKV converter tool offers a wide range of features. Users can easily import the files into the conversion queue with the file browser. It is possible to clear or add files into the queue. There are options to clear the entire conversion queue if necessary. This free video converter tool is extremely simple as it offers the multiple language option. Users can easily select any language and convert the videos with ease and convenience. The software interface of this converter tool is quite plain and simple. It showcases uncomplicated features which are quite easy to utilize. Users can also adjust the parameters of the output file such as the audio sample rate, output image setting, video and audio quality, video resolution, video frame rate and so forth. The tool offers the option to select the output destination before initiating the conversion process. Users can open the converted file folder and view the contents of the video files. It is possible to crop and trim the image size of the files with this converter tool. The Free MP4 to MKV Converter tool is ingrained with super accelerating technology and therefore it converts the video files within a few minutes. It also delivers high image quality. This free software app utilize low amount of system resources. It performs the conversion task quickly and flawlessly. It is a clean software app that can be used safely. The Free MP4 to MKV converter tool offers an excellent solution to convert MP4 files into video format easily and quickly.

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